About Acxent

Consulting, Training and Broadcast Solutions

Acxent provides expert consulting services to the organisations who regulate the radio spectrum, and to those who use it. We offer sound advice on spectrum and telecommunications policy, strategy, technology and administration with a particular focus on solutions that straddle the boundaries between technical, economic and commercial issues.

In addition to expert advice, we deliver training on a range of radio spectrum related topics and work with various organisations to develop and enhance their knowledge of spectrum management and policy. Further, we also provide technical and commercial solutions for new radio broadcasting stations.


tv antennaFind out more about the range of telecommunications, radio spectrum and regulatory consulting projects conducted by the Acxent team around the World.

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satelliteDiscover the range of training topics which we can cover and how we can tailor and package these to your specific needs to deliver courses cost-effectively at your location.

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studioLatest News: Acxent provides broadcasting transmission solutions for the 2016 Farnborough air show.

01 May 2016

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